Explore Perfect Short Hairstyles for Black Women

While long hairstyles were once the standard of beauty, short hairstyles for black women have come and they are here to stay! As is the case with all women, long locks are no longer necessary to feel sexy, or to feel like a woman. In fact, some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood have shown […] Get Styled (Read More)

Getting the Low Down on Going Low Poo

If you’ve been paying attention to hair care trends lately, you’ve probably seen something about going with a no poo method or going low poo instead. But, what does it all mean? Going no poo is for those with an undying dedication to cutting all of the chemicals out of their life and turning to […] Get Styled (Read More)

5 Tips for How to Style Curly Hair That Really Work

If you have curly hair like a lot of other women, you know that trying to figure out how to style curly hair can be a chore, if not an impossible task. With so many different products claiming to get everything under control and yet seeming to fail each and every time, us curly-haired ladies […] Get Styled (Read More)

Pictures of Short Hairstyles – Ideas Galore for Your Style

There are pictures of short hairstyles all over the Internet. These hairstyles can be very short, almost a crew cut, or they can be just to your shoulders. Some women love the ease of a simple pixie, and others will spend hours curling their bangs and feathering them back. The different styles can be elegant, flirty […] Get Styled (Read More)

Medium Length Hairstyles are Timeless

Medium length hairstyles are versatile and easy to work with. If you have a great cut, there just aren’t going to be limits with the look you can achieve. Whether you are looking for a classic look, a professional look, or something flirty, here are a few ideas to make your medium tresses the topic […] Get Styled (Read More)

Olive Oil Hair Treatment – A Natural Solution That Works!

Like apple cider vinegar hair care, olive oil hair treatment is a concept that is picking up speed in recent years. One of the great things about using olive oil in hair is that it is beneficial for everyone, regardless of what type of beautiful locks you have, your ethnicity, or what you’ve done to […] Get Styled (Read More)

Black Natural Hairstyles Create a Statement

If you are lucky enough to have natural black hair, you can use it to make a statement about your personality with black natural hairstyles. The contrast with your skin color will always have your hair standing out; take advantage of this and really shine. Whether you are playful, serious, sassy, or emo, black natural hairstyles let people […] Get Styled (Read More)

What is Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Care?

As a substance typically used for health purposes and relief from various ailments, you’ve probably never thought that you would come across apple cider vinegar hair care methods. However, washing your beautiful locks with apple cider vinegar actually has many benefits and can promote not only healthy hair, but beautiful hair as well. What are […] Get Styled (Read More)

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